About project

Transformation of care for vulnerable children and youth

The aim of the project is to prepare transformation plans for children in facilities for vulnerable children and youth established by Pardubice region, namely:
Pardubice Children´s Home,
Holice Children´s Home,
Polička Children´s Home,
Moravská Třebová Children´s Home,
Dolní Čermná Children´s Home,
Veská Chidren´s Centre,
Svitavy Children´s Centre,
Children´s Home for children at the age of 1 to 3 in Holice.
Transformation plans will give a definition of developing existing services and creating new services for vulnerable children and their families. Residential care for children in children´s house will transform into a network of outpatient and outreach prevention within the region.

Activities of the project:
1) Analysis
2) Education
3) Communication strategy
4) Support of the work on transformation plans

Title of the programme: EEA GRANTS 2009 - 2014, CZ04 - Children and Youth at Risk

Project promoter: Pardubice Region

Start of the project: 1. 2. 2015
End of the project: 30. 4. 2017 (you can see more about the lengthen of the project in section News)

Total costs of the project: 503 445,00 EUR
EEA Grants Allocation: 402 756,00 EUR

Contacts: Kateřina Budínská - email: katerina.budinska@pardubickykraj.cz; 466 026 692, project manager